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At ChinSun, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with world class, high quality standard and custom RIP, RIS, OIP bushings.


ChinSun® Bushing company is a professional RIS and RIP high-voltage condenser-grade bushings manufacturer and is one of the leading bushings enterprises in China.

  • Fast delivery
  • Production monitoring
  • Reasonable prices

Advantages of ChinSun® Bushing:

  • It meets not only all the specifications required in IEC 60137 but also the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of the relevant IEEE standards. ChinSun’s bushings are characterized by a very low dielectric loss factor tanδ typically < 0.35%, while the bushings’ electrical design and void-free impregnation process guaranteed their partial discharge free up to twice the maximum phase-to-ground operating voltage, specified at a PD measurement background noise of 2 pC. These data are much better than those specified in the IEC 60137 standard for RIP bushings, i.e. dielectric loss <0.7%, PD level <10 pC, and <5 pC at 1.5 and 1.05 times of maximum phase to ground operating voltage respectively.

  • The outer layer of the bushing core is specially added with glass fiber as a protective layer, which optimizes the mechanical layer design and improves the flexural strength and mechanical properties. It is especially suitable for heavy earthquake areas and can resist earthquakes of intensity 9.

  • ChinSun® adopts flame retardant insulation material, no decomposition, stable electrical performance, no danger of burning and explosion, and will not affect and damage other equipment during operation.

  • The design of the bushing has a large insulation margin, and at the same time, the semiconductor material is used as the capacitive screen, which greatly improves the corona onset voltage.

  • The silicone rubber (composite) sheds have excellent antifouling properties so the product can be used in heavily grade Ⅳ polluted areas. Both composite and porcelain sheds can be customized according to different requirements.

  • Completely oil and paper-free (RIS), does not need to be filled with any oil or gas medium, and It is a pure solid structure, so it can be installed at any angle.

  • Based on the advanced patent production technology of ChinSun®, we shorten the resin impregnation time so the bushings delivery time is faster.

  • Long-term operation is stable and maintenance-free.

ChinSun® Bushing Production Range:

Except for high-voltage bushing products, we don’t produce any other products. In the current, ChinSun® Bushing includes 8 types of bushings:

(1) Oil to air bushing, it’s for oil insulated type power transformer.

(2) Oil to oil bushing, it’s for the connection between the power transformer and cable-junction boxes and other oil-filled devices. It can be installed at any angle.

(3) Oil to SF6 (gas) bushing, it’s for the direct connection of power transformer to gas-insulated switchgear (GIS)and can be mounted at any angle.

(4) High-current Bushings, from 5000A to 35,000A. Normally for connecting the oil-filled power transformer to a generator bus.

(5) Wall bushings, it’s for through the wall and other types through such as the roof.

(6) GIS bushing, it’s for gas-insulated and air-insulated switchgear.

(7) Circuit breaker bushing, it’s for circuit breaker equipment special.

(8) Generator bushing, it’s for generators or electric machines.

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GIS bushings

Wall bushings

Transformer bushings

Oil SF6 bushings

Switchgear bushings

Heavy-current bushings

“As a transformer bushing manufacturer, what valuable support can you provide to your agents?”

“As a ChinSun® bushing agent, you could get the following support from us:

1. Product training: We can provide you with bushings drawings and technical details as well as training materials to help you better understand insulation bushings products and introduce them to customers.

2. Marketing support: We can provide you with ChinSun company promotional details and marketing support to help you be more effective in promoting products.

3. Technical support: We can provide technical support and consulting services to help you solve technical problems and needs raised by customers.

4. Price support: We can provide special price support for you to help you better attract customers and increase sales.

5. After-sales service: We can provide you with high-quality after-sales service, including product warranty period and return and exchange services, so as to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

“What kinds of testing reports do you have?”

Type Test Report

Anti-seismic Test Report

-60℃ Running Test Report

Routine Test Report

“How do you control and manage the products quality?”

Here are some of the ways we control and manage our products’ quality:

Raw material inspection: We conduct a thorough inspection of all the raw materials we use to manufacture our insulation bushings to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Production process control: We have a detailed production process that includes various checks and tests at different stages of manufacturing to ensure that our products meet the required specifications.

ISO 9001Quality management system: We have a quality management system in place that includes documentation, training, and continuous improvement initiatives to ensure that we consistently produce high-quality products.

Testing and inspection: We conduct regular testing and inspection of our finished products to verify their quality, including electrical testing and visual inspection.

Customer feedback: We actively seek feedback from our customers to identify areas for improvement and continuously enhance our quality management process.

“How to know if your company is reliable?”

ChinSun has passed the credit evaluation of Dun & Bradstreet, a world-renowned commercial credit rating company in the USA, the report includes but is not limited to:

  • ChinSun Company Basic Information
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Operating Conditions
  • Financial Information
  • Industry Overview
  • The Rating by DNB

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“Can your bushings packaging bear long-time transportation by sea?”

“Yes, our bushings packaging is designed to withstand long-time transportation by sea. We use high-quality fumigation-free plywood materials and sturdy frames inside to ensure the flange position is steady inside the crate, to ensure that our products arrive at their destination in good condition.
After years of experience in shipping by sea, all packages arrive at their destination in perfect condition.”

At the same time, the bottom of the packaging crate is designed with outlets that are easy to work with forklifts, which is convenient for users to take out the bushings from the container when unloading the goods.

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